Handcrafted and Personalized Horseshoes that symbolize good luck. Equestrian Jewelry, Art & Gifts.



My Bejeweled Horseshoe© are
authentic and one-of-a-kind horseshoes that
are uniquely handcrafted, personalized and
beaded by Tampa artist and equestrian
Mireille B. Henkemans. Steel or aluminum, you can
choose one, custom order one or have your own
horse’s shoe be turned into a piece of everlasting
art! They make a great gift for any occasion or
décor symbolizing good luck and will sure bring
beauty and delight wherever they are placed.
We also offer equestrian jewelry, including the
exclusive handmade “Equestrian Fire” horse head
pendants. Our products are proudly handmade
in the U.S.A.




One-of-a-kind beaded authentic horseshoes for any occasion or décor that symbolize good luck. Browse by theme in the shop or custom order one.


Equestrian Fire

One-of-a-kind Italian glass Horse Head pendants handcrafted in open flame. Choose an existing one, custom order your own colors, or let us make your own horse’s head.



Unique horse paintings by Dutch artist Peter Verlaan, commissions accepted using images of your horse(s).  

Equestrian Jewelry


A variety of beautiful Equestiran Jewelry, of which some one-of-a-kind.

Custom Orders


You can custom order your own horseshoe by filling out a Custom Order Form. Use your own creativity, get ideas from previous horseshoes you see in the photo albums or let me design it for you.

Please allow up to 48 hours for price offer and 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. 50% deposit at order and balance is due before shipping. Thank you.

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meet The artist

The creation and making of My Bejeweled Horseshoes© is very special to me. Having a horse with hoof problems due to the poor and cruel condition in the first year of her life taught me a lot about hooves and horseshoes. Like my horse, many other horses cannot walk sound without the proper care of a good farrier, the correct horseshoe and the proper care that a horse deserves. I realized how many horseshoes go to waste after their cycle on the horse……I just had to do something else with them.

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Good Causes

My creations give me an opportunity to give back to local and national charities and non-profit organizations that vary from various horse and rescue organizations and other wonderful horse programs geared towards people with mental and/or physical challenges. I also participate in fundraisers in which I either donate a horseshoe or jewelry piece for an auction or donate a portion of my proceeds


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